The SAB Construct was designed and built to provide the best nerfing experience to its user. Key aspect of the blaster namely, Versatility, Durability, Performance, Expandability, Reliability, Accuracy were seriously looked into and refined over time which resulted in what you see today, the SAB CONSTRUCT.

Every part of the SAB CONSTRUCT has designed with the user in mind. 

The retractable buttstock allows multiple variations of length configurations to suit the users needs.

The beefy air chamber provides loads of air for your foam dart.

The top aluminium spine of CONSTRUCT ensures all CONSTRUCT parts are held straight and streamlined together at all times.

The magloadwell is fully customizable that allows the user a choice of either talon/katana or worker sized magclips.

The priming component in the SAB Construct its one of its key features where a lot of thought and ingenuity was put into. Industrial grade components were implemented to provide the very best and frictionless priming experience to the user. 

All SAB internals are machined aluminium to ensure ruggedness and durability.

SAB signature screw on barrel system also allows the user to interchange barrels quickly and efficiently even during a game.

SAB Construct has also multiple mounting holes throughout its chassis to allow the user to design and print their own shell/accessories to fit on the CONSTRUCT. SAB has also an every growing library of printable shells/accessories on thingiverse.